Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Episode 5

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Episode Five: Shiny New Thing

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Premed student stuff: Why do this stuff at all?

Why on earth would it matter that you're interested in medicine AND in being a craftual individual?

SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism
Caffeinated Knitting with Caffeinated Gert and Crafty Allie
The Knitmore Girls Podcast

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My iPhone died, HAIL MY NEW iPHONE!

Projects –

Nōminī huic

Happy wool socks for me! Meeeee! Featuring the [Fish Lips Kiss Heel](pattern).

PVC tablet/card loom

Ah, being new to a thing! I make an error here. The short bar at the back that turns in its joints is not the cloth take-up bar. Instead, it holds the threads which are waiting to be used. The cloth take-up bar will be the short bar nearest the weaver.

This is a really, REALLY old way of weaving narrow bands, the elastic and whatnot of the pre-elastic era. As I mention, this is a really, really inexpensively-begun weaving habit - this loom cost me less than $10 for those parts I didn't already have around the house. I used poster board for the cards and mention that some will go buy a pack of playing cards to use for cards, but plenty of people reportedly do fine with their first few projects using some cardboard sourced from cereal boxes.

Plus mild extras - stray cats and sewing!

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