Thursday, April 16, 2015

Episode 11: Take Number *mumblety*

“Take Number *mumblety*”

This episode's name came about because it took an embarrassing number of takes to just get the raw footage taken!

I mention a giveaway in the show - have a watch.

You can also find related things at the group on Ravelry, or at the blog page on Facebook.
No episode last week due to unexpected family health issues! In related news, I moved a tree! Thing was as big around as my waist. Also: dead.

Projects :

This Week's Socks: The mystery pattern from the last episode is revealed as the Irish Ale socks, designed to look like a well-poured Guinness. Yarns are Schaeffer Yarn's Heather, a discontinued but very nice silk-containing sock yarn in their deep brown Julia Childs color way, and your bog-standard, old faithful, basic ole white Red Heart Heart & Sole in white.

Two Cookie A. patterns, both from her book knit. sock. love. The first pair is Lissajous in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the colorway "Pilsen." I don't do this very often but this pair is being done two-at-a-time instead of in tandem, and Magic Loop. The other pair is a pair I started last night while relaxing with the fam and catching up on some tv, so I've got about 3 rows of Cusp completed in Lang Jawoll Superwash 75/25. The colorway doesn't have a name that I can be bothered to find but it's a marled yarn in white and taupe.

My other project at the moment is getting all the last bits together for a class in Elizabethan Hand Sewing that I'm teaching at an SCA event this weekend. It's a lecture followed by a hands-on section and is more than the typical Big 5 taught in introductory handsewing classes. I'll post a link to the handout later.


No stash this week - too busy getting work done!

Pre-Med Moment today is about being on the waitlist/hold list/alternate list at this time of year. It's also about my willingness to continue this for another year if necessary, which means getting my application things together NOW and getting proactive right nownownow. Even if it means retaking the MCAT/taking the new MCAT. Argh! Do not want! But I will if necessary. (Dear Lord, please let it not be necessary.)

Friday, April 3, 2015

“Sea Change”

You can also find related things at the group on Ravelry, or at the blog page on Facebook.

Projects :

This Week's Socks: Oooh, a mysterious pattern that involves a frothy cuff! More on this later - I want to get a bit more sock done so that it's easier to enjoy for someone not the knitter. Yarns are Schaeffer Yarn's Heather, a discontinued but very nice silk-containing sock yarn in their deep brown Julia Childs color way, and your bog-standard, old faithful, basic ole white Red Heart Heart & Sole in white.

More Ananke Shawl! Yet again, a discontinued favorite from medium-deep stash: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silkie Socks that Rock yarn. I've made pretty good progress in the past week-plus. I'm pleased. It's knitting up nicely.

Longer term projects are discussed, too, everything from exercise as mood-lifter to homeschooling my six-year-old for the sake of giving her some consistency when we move.


Not yarn this time! This week is eyeshadow from Aromaleigh Cosmetics, from the new Galactic collection. This is a series of duochrome colors - think about dragonfly bodies, with the single-color base but iridescent color overlay, and you'll get an idea of what I'm talking about. The colors I've got on are Monoceros (lid) and Cepheus (crease) - I think that post might have got the wrong label though because a peek at the website suggests it's supposed to be Cassiopeia.

Pre-Med Moment today is... different. Check it out.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Episode 9: Serious Ponderings


Projects :

This Week's Socks: My Echinacea sock project, named for the pattern, Echinacea, which was originally released for the 2013 Sock Sniper event, a charity fundraising event that is version of the game of "Assassin" but for knitters. The yarn is "The Last Centurion" colorway from a yarn club I subscribed to that year done by [Sheepy Feet](yarn) by Sheepytime Knits. I really like this yarn!

A project not a pair of socks! I'm in "on" with a now-off-now-on-again project of knitting up the Ananke Shawl a great homey-feel pattern for my great homey-look (but absolutely not at all homey-rough) yarn choice of Blue Moon Fiber Art's Silkie Socks That Rock in Farmhouse.

I also talk about finishing up a previously-mentioned baby sweater, knit in Rowan All-Seasons Cotton. This method of putting buttons in not merely knitwear but also in woven fabric is very old and it serves well in knitwear to preserve the knit fabric.

Pre-Med moment today is taken from a post on the SDN forums. Check it out if you're medically interested at all - there are forums for pre-dental, pre-PT, just everything.) In many ways the post I'm talking about can be chalked up to a mashed-up, modified version of an old phrase: "Would-be physician, know thyself."

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Episode 8: "The Monster At The End of This Book"

I decided to stay with the switched up order I used last week and I think I'll stay with that for a while. Enjoy!

This weeks episode title is an homage to a Golden Book that I had as a child featuring Grover from Sesame Street. It's about getting anxious about things ahead of you and then finding out they're not as terrible as you feared.

Projects : 

- Mild frustration with using a method to draft a doublet for the husband. Lesson learned: I'm experienced enough in drafting patterns using this and other methods that when something doesn't seem right, I should listen to me! NB: I say that "toile" is French for "mockup" which is only a little bit inaccurate. That's not a literal translation to English, which would be "fabric," it's a term of specific usage in sewing/tailoring.

- New socks! This knit is serious potato chip knitting and a good bit autopilot, too: Hedera by Cookie A., one of my favorite sock designers who uses a mathematics background to influence said designs. I own the books - but somehow had never knit up Hedera, one of her first published designs. My yarn choice is Lorna's Laces newer sock yarn line, Solemate, which features a fiber addition that is supposed to help regulate heat for the wearer. I've had this skein since after Christmas and decided this would be a great project for it, and it is. The colorway is Irving Park and reminds me of the later portions of a really great sunset. The knitting has gone - well. Check out the podcast.

- My first card weaving band is done! It's the first pattern from the book I've been talking about for the past few weeks and worked out well. There are of course some mistakes but the fabric is firm and supportive yet pliable and overall I'm pleased. My youngest daughter loves it and it was intended for trim for an SCA dress for her for the upcoming Spring and Summer. I'll show that project when I get to it.

Finally, a discussion of the worst, most terrible, nastiest, ugliest, test that could ever be made of purest undiluted mean: the MCAT. Various ways to prepare for it, what I chose to do and why, plus a bit of wandering.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Episode 7: Switcheroo


So this week a layout switch up because I had either reverse progress or as-yet-intangible progress on the projects at hand. Just decided to get that out of the way first.

The new socks I'm working on are still a bit of mystery so I'm not posting a link or anything yet - just know that the toe seen in the video is knit in Lang Jawoll sock yarn in a marled white and taupe.

The infant's sweater is in the cardigan pattern Trellis, which is found free at Knitty. The yarn was, for once in my life, the yarn the pattern calls for: Rowan All Seasons Cotton. My project page is at Climbing upwards.

The project oriented reading includes a book mentioned last week, Applesies and Fox Noses - Finnish Tabletoven Bands, available with currently free worldwide shipping via the authors at their website. If you're interested in card weaving you should definitely check them out. I give you a shot of part of one page so you can see what I mean about the usage of both Finnish and English.

The other book is Mathew Gnagy's The Modern Maker Vol. 1: Men's Doublets and it can be conveniently found at Amazon. Highly recommended for folks interested in 16th century tailoring, patterning, and sewing!

Finally, my favorite bit: medical school student parody videos! Includes a few recommended videos - and I REALLY want you to share the ones that you find at either the Ravelry group, the Facebook page, or here in this entry's comments. See you soon!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


ETA: Found out that in spite of getting the notices and checking that everything was okay, it was in fact not, so I've reprocessed and re-uploaded this episode. Please enjoy.

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Episode Six: “COLORRRRRR”

Premed student stuff: INTERVIEWS - preparation, clothing choices, makeup choices, really basic experience

Podcasts mentioned:

Caffeinated Knitting with Caffeinated Gert and Crafty Allie
The Knitmore Girls Podcast
Both of these podcasts have groups here on Ravelry, too. Check them out.

Stash –
MOAR SOCK WOOL! Three skeins of [Supersocke 4-fach](yarn) Neon in two different colorways, one is already knit up.

A whole BOX of [Universal Yarns Deluxe Superworsted](yarn) in Sangria. At a sharp discount because a dog or dogs happened.

Projects –

A great pair of socks from the Galadriel pattern by Claire Ellen. She has a group on Ravelry, too! I-  really like her design work and sensibility and own many of her sock patterns.
-A set of accidental armwarmers based on Beth La Pensee's Nutkin pattern.
-Tablet/Card weaving firsts! I have started a length of two-color basic cardweaving but will hopefully soon be branching out a bit from this intro length.
Ordered a book, Applesies and Fox Noses, for more card weaving goodness. That book is available with currently free worldwide shipping via the authors at their website. If you're interested in card weaving you should definitely check them out.

I mention a possible KAL or other project for a yarn giveaway. Let me know what you think.

I left one project off, but I'll talk about it next time. Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Today's episode will probably not be filmed because everyone is snowed in at home. Noisy! If I can get a clear spot of time I will but sadly, no guarantees. Everyone stay warm and safe.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Episode 5

Check out my podcast group on Ravelry at

Episode Five: Shiny New Thing

Wonderfully Knit Podcast page on Facebook

Premed student stuff: Why do this stuff at all?

Why on earth would it matter that you're interested in medicine AND in being a craftual individual?

SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism
Caffeinated Knitting with Caffeinated Gert and Crafty Allie
The Knitmore Girls Podcast

Both of thesee podcasts have groups on Ravelry, too. Check them out.


My iPhone died, HAIL MY NEW iPHONE!

Projects –

Nōminī huic

Happy wool socks for me! Meeeee! Featuring the [Fish Lips Kiss Heel](pattern).

PVC tablet/card loom

Ah, being new to a thing! I make an error here. The short bar at the back that turns in its joints is not the cloth take-up bar. Instead, it holds the threads which are waiting to be used. The cloth take-up bar will be the short bar nearest the weaver.

This is a really, REALLY old way of weaving narrow bands, the elastic and whatnot of the pre-elastic era. As I mention, this is a really, really inexpensively-begun weaving habit - this loom cost me less than $10 for those parts I didn't already have around the house. I used poster board for the cards and mention that some will go buy a pack of playing cards to use for cards, but plenty of people reportedly do fine with their first few projects using some cardboard sourced from cereal boxes.

Plus mild extras - stray cats and sewing!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Root canal, Part Two

This morning has included the last steps of a root canal. Due to the anesthetic I won't be recording the podcast this morning. I'll try this afternoon but the processing length means that it might not be posted and processed till tomorrow. Keep an eye out here!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Episode 4: "Volunteering and Vikings"

Episode Four: “Volunteering and Vikings”

Premed student stuff: Volunteering --

I talk about volunteering. I know a lot of preprofessional/premed students focus on medical volunteerism and why I talk about that, I also talk the conversation why it's vital that you branch out, with some discussion of what other opportunities you can experience. I REALLY want to hear from you on this one - this is a case where more heads result in better knowledge for everyone.


Actual sad trombone this episode. Finishing up the projects below took up a big amount of time and the kids' school days and sick days had me running.

Projects – Viking chic

I decided on a "quick" project back in late December after the death of a beloved quick-change 16th century outfit for when I play in the SCA. It's really an aegis sort of project, wherein there are actually several individual items that I made. In a first for me, I branch out a bit into metal leafing!

A big success for me, as it wore beautifully and comfortably. And sure, magically I suddenly looked just like Lagertha from the Vikings. Sure. Or maybe Siggy, since I'm brunette. We'll go with that.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Episode Three: "Blame It On Galavant"

Episode Three: “Blame it on Galavant”

Premed student stuff: Support systems – get you some! Different aspects of support and some touchpoints on your obligations within those systems.

Stash – the anti-sad trombone!

This week: beads! Beads for intended projects – a couple of tubes of 6/0 beads in matte green-blue intended for a Fabergé shawl/scarf, from pattern gifted to me by Blueewe. I also picked up some glass lampwork beads on clearance. Who doesn’t love timely clearance finds? No one, that’s who.


        Bread – I wax happy about this week’s baking. I’ve been working with sourdough since about early November and finally get results I just love with a full-sour dough starter, no instant yeast method I started trying, and then trying to recalibrate, in late December. Link! I bought my starter and learned basic care at King Arthur Flour. I'll post a recipe in the coming week or so, provided I've nailed this down like I think and hope I have.

        Socks – I talk about this great sock and then utterly forget to mention pattern and yarn! The pattern is Twisted Mockery Lisa Stitchweh and the yarn is Cascade’s Heritage Silk Sock in grey.

        Sewing – A couple of handsewn projects that I’ll talk about more next week, with pictures if I can arrange that. Including some embroidery! Just a strip of double herringbone/catch-stitch using some 2-ply DMC Medici embroidery/petite pointe wool I still have hanging round (DMC discontinued this line in 2005). After I finish up this line of stitching I may do more on this piece if/when I get time and inclination.

I close by blaming Galavant for everything because why not?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Episode Two: More

Episode Two: More

What a week! Not too terribly much done this past week. Why? Oh, just this and that. Y'know, a root canal and then getting the flu, that's all.

- Pre-med student stuff!

- Stash: Not so much this week except a Lace bobbin winder from CBar5 Creations, a private craftsman out of Utah.

- Projects:

Hopefully more next week, as I'm feeling much better  in both recovery from flu and from the root canal.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Episode One: A Good Foot Forward

Show notes

Study apps – please contribute your own in the comments thread for this episode at the group!

  • In the show I mention for iOS and OS the lovely app Goodnotes. They also have a version for Android. Get it, use it, love it. Please note that there is a free and a paid version. I invite you to use the free version first and then pay the five bucks to get the full version as you see necessary. I found it to be one of the best five dollar bills I've dropped on anything.
  • For PC, OneNote from Microsoft. There is a version for iOS but I haven't found it to be as robust there as Goodnotes, though your mileage may vary as your note taking skills and learning methods may be different than mine. 

 Projects –

Frog Pond –

  • February Lady Pullover in Cascade 220 from a lovely deep green. I'll be reusing this yarn for some other sweater project! 
  • Some random socks I started for the husband out of Wildfoote, by Brown Sheep yarn Co. The combo of pattern, yarn, and needle aren't working for me at all, though I like them just fine individually. Weird but that happens sometimes. The husband won't be hurting for handknits, though, since he’s got at least three pairs on my needles at various stages of completion. 
Thanks for listening.