Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Episode Three: "Blame It On Galavant"

Episode Three: “Blame it on Galavant”

Premed student stuff: Support systems – get you some! Different aspects of support and some touchpoints on your obligations within those systems.

Stash – the anti-sad trombone!

This week: beads! Beads for intended projects – a couple of tubes of 6/0 beads in matte green-blue intended for a Fabergé shawl/scarf, from pattern gifted to me by Blueewe. I also picked up some glass lampwork beads on clearance. Who doesn’t love timely clearance finds? No one, that’s who.


        Bread – I wax happy about this week’s baking. I’ve been working with sourdough since about early November and finally get results I just love with a full-sour dough starter, no instant yeast method I started trying, and then trying to recalibrate, in late December. Link! I bought my starter and learned basic care at King Arthur Flour. I'll post a recipe in the coming week or so, provided I've nailed this down like I think and hope I have.

        Socks – I talk about this great sock and then utterly forget to mention pattern and yarn! The pattern is Twisted Mockery Lisa Stitchweh and the yarn is Cascade’s Heritage Silk Sock in grey.

        Sewing – A couple of handsewn projects that I’ll talk about more next week, with pictures if I can arrange that. Including some embroidery! Just a strip of double herringbone/catch-stitch using some 2-ply DMC Medici embroidery/petite pointe wool I still have hanging round (DMC discontinued this line in 2005). After I finish up this line of stitching I may do more on this piece if/when I get time and inclination.

I close by blaming Galavant for everything because why not?

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