Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Episode 4: "Volunteering and Vikings"

Episode Four: “Volunteering and Vikings”

Premed student stuff: Volunteering --

I talk about volunteering. I know a lot of preprofessional/premed students focus on medical volunteerism and why I talk about that, I also talk the conversation why it's vital that you branch out, with some discussion of what other opportunities you can experience. I REALLY want to hear from you on this one - this is a case where more heads result in better knowledge for everyone.


Actual sad trombone this episode. Finishing up the projects below took up a big amount of time and the kids' school days and sick days had me running.

Projects – Viking chic

I decided on a "quick" project back in late December after the death of a beloved quick-change 16th century outfit for when I play in the SCA. It's really an aegis sort of project, wherein there are actually several individual items that I made. In a first for me, I branch out a bit into metal leafing!

A big success for me, as it wore beautifully and comfortably. And sure, magically I suddenly looked just like Lagertha from the Vikings. Sure. Or maybe Siggy, since I'm brunette. We'll go with that.

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