Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Episode One: A Good Foot Forward

Show notes

Study apps – please contribute your own in the comments thread for this episode at the group!

  • In the show I mention for iOS and OS the lovely app Goodnotes. They also have a version for Android. Get it, use it, love it. Please note that there is a free and a paid version. I invite you to use the free version first and then pay the five bucks to get the full version as you see necessary. I found it to be one of the best five dollar bills I've dropped on anything.
  • For PC, OneNote from Microsoft. There is a version for iOS but I haven't found it to be as robust there as Goodnotes, though your mileage may vary as your note taking skills and learning methods may be different than mine. 

 Projects –

Frog Pond –

  • February Lady Pullover in Cascade 220 from a lovely deep green. I'll be reusing this yarn for some other sweater project! 
  • Some random socks I started for the husband out of Wildfoote, by Brown Sheep yarn Co. The combo of pattern, yarn, and needle aren't working for me at all, though I like them just fine individually. Weird but that happens sometimes. The husband won't be hurting for handknits, though, since he’s got at least three pairs on my needles at various stages of completion. 
Thanks for listening. 

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