Wednesday, March 4, 2015


ETA: Found out that in spite of getting the notices and checking that everything was okay, it was in fact not, so I've reprocessed and re-uploaded this episode. Please enjoy.

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Episode Six: “COLORRRRRR”

Premed student stuff: INTERVIEWS - preparation, clothing choices, makeup choices, really basic experience

Podcasts mentioned:

Caffeinated Knitting with Caffeinated Gert and Crafty Allie
The Knitmore Girls Podcast
Both of these podcasts have groups here on Ravelry, too. Check them out.

Stash –
MOAR SOCK WOOL! Three skeins of [Supersocke 4-fach](yarn) Neon in two different colorways, one is already knit up.

A whole BOX of [Universal Yarns Deluxe Superworsted](yarn) in Sangria. At a sharp discount because a dog or dogs happened.

Projects –

A great pair of socks from the Galadriel pattern by Claire Ellen. She has a group on Ravelry, too! I-  really like her design work and sensibility and own many of her sock patterns.
-A set of accidental armwarmers based on Beth La Pensee's Nutkin pattern.
-Tablet/Card weaving firsts! I have started a length of two-color basic cardweaving but will hopefully soon be branching out a bit from this intro length.
Ordered a book, Applesies and Fox Noses, for more card weaving goodness. That book is available with currently free worldwide shipping via the authors at their website. If you're interested in card weaving you should definitely check them out.

I mention a possible KAL or other project for a yarn giveaway. Let me know what you think.

I left one project off, but I'll talk about it next time. Have a great week!

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