Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Episode 9: Serious Ponderings


Projects :

This Week's Socks: My Echinacea sock project, named for the pattern, Echinacea, which was originally released for the 2013 Sock Sniper event, a charity fundraising event that is version of the game of "Assassin" but for knitters. The yarn is "The Last Centurion" colorway from a yarn club I subscribed to that year done by [Sheepy Feet](yarn) by Sheepytime Knits. I really like this yarn!

A project not a pair of socks! I'm in "on" with a now-off-now-on-again project of knitting up the Ananke Shawl a great homey-feel pattern for my great homey-look (but absolutely not at all homey-rough) yarn choice of Blue Moon Fiber Art's Silkie Socks That Rock in Farmhouse.

I also talk about finishing up a previously-mentioned baby sweater, knit in Rowan All-Seasons Cotton. This method of putting buttons in not merely knitwear but also in woven fabric is very old and it serves well in knitwear to preserve the knit fabric.

Pre-Med moment today is taken from a post on the SDN forums. Check it out if you're medically interested at all - there are forums for pre-dental, pre-PT, just everything.) In many ways the post I'm talking about can be chalked up to a mashed-up, modified version of an old phrase: "Would-be physician, know thyself."

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