Thursday, March 12, 2015

Episode 7: Switcheroo


So this week a layout switch up because I had either reverse progress or as-yet-intangible progress on the projects at hand. Just decided to get that out of the way first.

The new socks I'm working on are still a bit of mystery so I'm not posting a link or anything yet - just know that the toe seen in the video is knit in Lang Jawoll sock yarn in a marled white and taupe.

The infant's sweater is in the cardigan pattern Trellis, which is found free at Knitty. The yarn was, for once in my life, the yarn the pattern calls for: Rowan All Seasons Cotton. My project page is at Climbing upwards.

The project oriented reading includes a book mentioned last week, Applesies and Fox Noses - Finnish Tabletoven Bands, available with currently free worldwide shipping via the authors at their website. If you're interested in card weaving you should definitely check them out. I give you a shot of part of one page so you can see what I mean about the usage of both Finnish and English.

The other book is Mathew Gnagy's The Modern Maker Vol. 1: Men's Doublets and it can be conveniently found at Amazon. Highly recommended for folks interested in 16th century tailoring, patterning, and sewing!

Finally, my favorite bit: medical school student parody videos! Includes a few recommended videos - and I REALLY want you to share the ones that you find at either the Ravelry group, the Facebook page, or here in this entry's comments. See you soon!

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