Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Episode 8: "The Monster At The End of This Book"

I decided to stay with the switched up order I used last week and I think I'll stay with that for a while. Enjoy!

This weeks episode title is an homage to a Golden Book that I had as a child featuring Grover from Sesame Street. It's about getting anxious about things ahead of you and then finding out they're not as terrible as you feared.

Projects : 

- Mild frustration with using a method to draft a doublet for the husband. Lesson learned: I'm experienced enough in drafting patterns using this and other methods that when something doesn't seem right, I should listen to me! NB: I say that "toile" is French for "mockup" which is only a little bit inaccurate. That's not a literal translation to English, which would be "fabric," it's a term of specific usage in sewing/tailoring.

- New socks! This knit is serious potato chip knitting and a good bit autopilot, too: Hedera by Cookie A., one of my favorite sock designers who uses a mathematics background to influence said designs. I own the books - but somehow had never knit up Hedera, one of her first published designs. My yarn choice is Lorna's Laces newer sock yarn line, Solemate, which features a fiber addition that is supposed to help regulate heat for the wearer. I've had this skein since after Christmas and decided this would be a great project for it, and it is. The colorway is Irving Park and reminds me of the later portions of a really great sunset. The knitting has gone - well. Check out the podcast.

- My first card weaving band is done! It's the first pattern from the book I've been talking about for the past few weeks and worked out well. There are of course some mistakes but the fabric is firm and supportive yet pliable and overall I'm pleased. My youngest daughter loves it and it was intended for trim for an SCA dress for her for the upcoming Spring and Summer. I'll show that project when I get to it.

Finally, a discussion of the worst, most terrible, nastiest, ugliest, test that could ever be made of purest undiluted mean: the MCAT. Various ways to prepare for it, what I chose to do and why, plus a bit of wandering.

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