Thursday, April 16, 2015

Episode 11: Take Number *mumblety*

“Take Number *mumblety*”

This episode's name came about because it took an embarrassing number of takes to just get the raw footage taken!

I mention a giveaway in the show - have a watch.

You can also find related things at the group on Ravelry, or at the blog page on Facebook.
No episode last week due to unexpected family health issues! In related news, I moved a tree! Thing was as big around as my waist. Also: dead.

Projects :

This Week's Socks: The mystery pattern from the last episode is revealed as the Irish Ale socks, designed to look like a well-poured Guinness. Yarns are Schaeffer Yarn's Heather, a discontinued but very nice silk-containing sock yarn in their deep brown Julia Childs color way, and your bog-standard, old faithful, basic ole white Red Heart Heart & Sole in white.

Two Cookie A. patterns, both from her book knit. sock. love. The first pair is Lissajous in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the colorway "Pilsen." I don't do this very often but this pair is being done two-at-a-time instead of in tandem, and Magic Loop. The other pair is a pair I started last night while relaxing with the fam and catching up on some tv, so I've got about 3 rows of Cusp completed in Lang Jawoll Superwash 75/25. The colorway doesn't have a name that I can be bothered to find but it's a marled yarn in white and taupe.

My other project at the moment is getting all the last bits together for a class in Elizabethan Hand Sewing that I'm teaching at an SCA event this weekend. It's a lecture followed by a hands-on section and is more than the typical Big 5 taught in introductory handsewing classes. I'll post a link to the handout later.


No stash this week - too busy getting work done!

Pre-Med Moment today is about being on the waitlist/hold list/alternate list at this time of year. It's also about my willingness to continue this for another year if necessary, which means getting my application things together NOW and getting proactive right nownownow. Even if it means retaking the MCAT/taking the new MCAT. Argh! Do not want! But I will if necessary. (Dear Lord, please let it not be necessary.)

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